Bournemouth Community Church is structured in three main expressions of church, and we believe that all three are necessary for us. The smallmedium and large (or Life Group, Life Community and Life Celebration) provide three different but important ways to express what we mean by church. We see the Life Group and Life Community and the Celebration all together as different expressions of the family of God.

UPINOUT diagram

Our three core values of loving God (UP), loving each other (IN)and loving the community (OUT) are demonstrated in different ways across the life of the church. Because the BCC family includes people from so many different walks of life, the Life Communities are a mid-sized group that can be more effective at reaching out to a specific sub-culture.

The Life Community is a bit like your extended family on a mission together – you will still worship together, pray together and care for one another, but the ‘out’ dimension defines what you do and how you do it. Each Life Community has one or more small Life Groups within it, which give a more intimate context to care for each other, pray together and reach out together. They would usually be 6-10 people in size. Because the Life Group is part of a larger Life Community, there is a shared vision for mission but the focus is more on encouraging each other and praying together. The Life Communities come together for the Life Celebration, which is a chance to worship together in the large context on Sunday mornings. These meetings are informal, with a lively all-age atmosphere. A prayer team is always available to pray with people, and they can be identified by their badges. Usually we invite to go to age-appropriate groups for relevant teaching and interaction. All three expressions give different dynamics to ‘up, in and out’, but we believe all are important for our church. These three expressions are reflected in our church logo, which demonstrates the three different expressions overlapping, but with core values running through them all.