At BCC we have a vibrant, growing youth work with almost 100 teenagers meeting each week in our two main clubs: Toast (Yrs 6, 7 & 8) and Limitless (yrs 9+). Our youth work is… A place where young people feel they belong and are accepted, where people welcome them, are interested in them and listen to them. A place where they are known, where they build relationship with a team who support them and care about them. An open place where life’s ups and downs can be shared. A place of encouragement, of fun and laughter. A place where they want to be and where they can be themselves. A place that is attractive at the heart, a place of relationships and real people. A place that says ‘you are welcome here with us’ through a team of leaders who have a passion for youth work and who are interested in young people as individuals. A place that is specifically allocated to youth work and designed around their needs. A place that grows potential. Click on the links below to see what we get up to in our different youth groups.


School years 6-8


School years 9+