Compassion Ministries

Looking out for one another.


Drop in. Pop in.

Our building is open for you to come in for a chat, hot drink, prayer and support. Foodbank, CMA (Community Money Advice) and other services are available from this hub.

Let us encourage you.

Food Support

No-one in our community should go hungry. At LIFEhouse we work alongside the Trussell Trust's Foodbank to support people in crisis with food parcels and a drop in centre. Look out for our trolley if you want to give!

No more hungry holidays! We are also working alongside local primary schools to ensure that no child goes hungry outside of school time. MUNCH is tackling the issue sandwich by sandwich.

Rough Sleepers

A Faithworks project where Christian's are coming alongside rough sleepers (BCARS) to provide beds, showers and food during the Winter months, whilst supporting aspirations for a different future with a buddy scheme and skill group Second Half. We're involved... are you?

Hope in the Community

Putting heart back into the community. Combining compassion and resources from the local churches to connect with older people in our town. Stopping loneliness in its tracks.

Give a little time.

English Teaching

We host English Lessons for Refugees and Migrants, in partnership with International Care Network. LIFE.CENTRE Thurs, 1.00pm - 3pm.